Bridesmaids at the bridal shower

Bridal Shower vs Wedding Shower – All You Must Know

If you are confused about the differences between a bridal shower vs wedding shower, you’ve come to the right place. Click here to know more about the two.


Have you ever wondered about the differences between a bridal shower vs wedding shower? They are popular events held sometime before the wedding day. Only the bride can participate in this party, and even the groom is not allowed.

The main purpose of the party is for all your lady friends to come over (or go out to a restaurant or some other places). They will give you gifts in anticipation of your new life as a married woman.

Before entering married life, the bride will gather with female friends at a restaurant, bar, or another place. These friends will give gifts to congratulate her.

The rest of the party is to shower the bride-to-be with gifts that will be used in the couple’s new home. It can also serve as a sign of support (from the bride’s family) or a welcoming (from the groom’s family).

If you’re wondering what to choose for your best friend before the wedding. You may ask: what are the similarities and differences between a bridal and a wedding shower?

Or what is the best gift for these parties? Who will be the host and invited? When is the best time for the two events? And how to plan and organize them?

Here’s what you must know about them.  So you may have some ideas for which one is suitable for your case, and you can make the best preparation for the events ahead of time.

What Is The Difference Between Bridal Shower vs Wedding Shower?


Regarding the time of organization, the bridal shower is held during the day, and the other is held in the evening.


The topics of conversation at the bridal shower are related to the bride, whatever the bride is interested in, be it cooking, makeup, or clothes.

However, for the other party, the themes are chosen based on the preferences of the groom and the bride.

Food And Drinks

Finger foods like coffee, tea, cocktails, wine, or cupcakes will be served at the bridal shower. Meanwhile, the other event will serve dessert buffets with a lot of sweets.


Apart from the difference, these two also have some similarities in terms of venue.

They can be held at the Host’s house, bar, restaurant, hotel room, etc. The venue of the event depends on the number of guests and the financial ability of the couple.

Bridal shower & Wedding shower
Bridal shower & Wedding shower

Who Will Be The Host For The Bridal And Wedding Shower?

The main person responsible for the first one is the bridesmaid. The bridesmaids discuss with the bride and make plans for the events that satisfy her needs.

Sometimes, this task is assigned to the bride’s best friend or other relatives, but the best person to do this role is still the bridesmaid.

Bridesmaids will choose the venue, make game plans for guests, and do other programs. The jobs of the bridesmaids are very important, so you need to choose the right ones and trust them.

For a wedding shower, the party is usually hosted by the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

In many cases, this party is organized by the groom and the bride’s family or a group of their friends who may come to congratulate them. Anyone can host this event except the couple.

Who Will Be Invited For The Bridal And The Wedding Shower?

Bridal Shower

On an important note, only close girl friends and female relatives of the bride are allowed to participate in it. This list can include close friends, colleagues, aunts, mothers, grandmothers, sisters.

Wedding shower dancing
Wedding shower dancing

The number of participants in the bridal shower depends on the space of the organization, usually a group of friends of about 10 people or a larger number. The groom won’t attend this party.

Wedding Shower

However, it will be held for the groom and the bride. The list of guests includes family and friends of the couple and covers all genders.

This party will be held in the presence of the parents, friends, relatives of  the groom and the bride. The number of guests here is the same as on your big day. Therefore, you should not invite those who cannot attend both of these events.

When Is The Best Time For The Bridal And Wedding Shower?

The right time to hold a bridal shower is 1-2 weeks before the wedding. Similarly, the wedding party should be held (2-3 weeks) before the big day.

If you hold this party too close to the wedding, the bride will be very busy, not having much time to prepare everything thoughtfully, including the bridesmaids and close friends.

She has a lot of things to do before the wedding day, so such a time is reasonable for her to actively control all situations.

At the same time, guests were also very uncomfortable because they attended two parties close to each other, which did not create curiosity for the event.

If you organize them too far from the main event, guests will not feel the connection between the two events. Sometimes, they can’t even remember the bride. Or they can’t arrange a reasonable time to attend the party.

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What Are The Best Bridal And Wedding Shower Gifts?

Overall, there isn’t a big difference between these gifts and a wedding day gift, unless explicitly noted on either invitation. Presents for the bride usually include personal items.

The choice of gift is entirely up to you, depending on your budget. You can spend more money buying a precious gift or split your budget and buy lots of smaller but meaningful items at both bridal and groom. The gift list includes:

Personalized Makeup Bag

Makeup is very important for every girl, even if she has become a wife. The bag with useful makeup items will make her beautiful anywhere.

Chain Bracelet

This is an indispensable piece of jewelry for all girls. It enhances their confidence and stands out. So this gift is the perfect choice for the bride.

Scented Candle

This gift is very suitable to decorate the bathroom or bedroom of the couple. The natural scent will help them relieve stress and add a romantic atmosphere on special occasions.

shower gift scented candle
shower gift scented candle

Bridal Shower Registry Vs Wedding Shower Registry

Overall, the biggest difference between the two events is the list of gifts attached to them.

Usually, many couples will ask for small and exclusive gifts for the bride in the bridal shower registry. On the contrary, items of great value such as kitchen appliances, ovens, and fireplaces will be prioritized for the other event.

These items have very different price points. Therefore, guests can consider their financial situation.

Besides, the couple should also consider the following to request the right gift list:

  • Check the items you already have and remove them from this list to avoid duplicates.
  • Think about the items you really need so that your guests can provide them for you.

In this way, you can easily get a variety of gifts that are practical and suitable for your needs.

Bridal shower mug gift

Tips To Have A Good Plan For The Two Events

Reasonable Budget

This budget includes several elements such as food, decorations, and gifts.  The cost will vary depending on many factors such as the number of guests, venue, and the value of gifts. One piece of advice is that you should balance your budget to easily pay without breaking the bank account.

Create A Guest List

After determining the time and place to hold the party, you should make a list of guests and their information. The number of guests can be based on the venue but in the range of 30-60 people.

Send The Invitations

Invitations should be sent six to seven weeks before the event. This helps guests proactively control their schedule, avoid conflicts, and they can notify the bride if they cannot attend the party.

Plan Entertaining Games

This is an indispensable part of the party, which helps guests get closer to each other and makes the atmosphere more fun.


Now you’ve known about the differences between a bridal shower vs wedding shower. They are the traditional parties that will be held before the wedding day. However, many couples would like to have a wedding shower rather than the other. There are some reasons for that:

This party is held for all genders, not just women. Friends of both can congratulate them on this important event. Also, the couple can enjoy happy moments together as it is their important day, instead of just the bride and her girlfriends.

Celebrating only one party means that guests don’t have to attend too many times.  This will cause trouble for guests and there will be no surprises.

Finally, organizing a meeting will help save money more than holding both. The bride also does not need to be busy preparing everything, just gorgeous at the party.