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How Many Programs To Order For Wedding? – Best Formula Ever

Are you wondering how many programs to order for wedding? Don’t worry! We are here to assist you in finding out the answer for preparation. Check it out!

A wedding is an extremely important event, marking a huge turning point in life. Thus, everyone wants it to be perfect and complete. To achieve that, having a good wedding program is one of the things they need to handle well.

However, when solving this problem, a question arises: How many programs to order for wedding?

Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation

Ordering too many is not good. What are you going to do with the leftover ones? This will only waste your money. 

On the other hand, preparing not enough of them is also not something you should do. Imagine on your big day, some guests come in with no programs and wonder:” Why do others have it, but I don’t?”, that must be very awkward! 

So, what to do now? This is a tough question indeed. Fortunately, we are here to save your mind from this annoying headache! Scroll down to discover a secret formula that helps you estimate the number of programs to order!

How Many Wedding Programs To Order For My Wedding?

Normally, when facing the issue of “how many programs to order for a wedding”, the first thing that comes to our mind is doing it based on the number of guests invited. However, you should know that not everyone invited will show up at your event. 

Also, not every single guest there will take a program. Therefore, estimating the number in percentage would be a wiser choice. Now the secret will be revealed: 80-85% of the number of the invitations sent. Stick to this formula, and you no longer have to worry about having a heap of leftover ones.

Depending on how you distribute the programs, the actual number of them needed will vary. 

If you designate someone to hand the programs to your guests, or even if you hand out them yourselves, there are still chances that they won’t take the programs. A husband may share one with his wife, or parents will give theirs to the children. 

There might be more leftovers if you leave them in a basket at the ceremony entrance and let the guests pick one themselves.

The 80-85% rule of thumb will apply well to the two ways above.

Another way is to leave them at every chair in the ceremony hall. This way, you’ll only have to order enough for the number of chairs.

How Many Wedding Programs To Order Based On Guest Number?

With the 80-85% rule in mind, let’s see how it applies to different situations: bridal shower and wedding ceremony.

Bridal Shower

The percentage, in this case, is slightly higher: 85% of the number of guests invited.

Guest with Wedding Program
Guest with Wedding Program

A bridal shower is a party held for the bride-to-be in celebration of her upcoming marriage life.

Since the party is supposed to be a fun and intimate time for the bride-to-be, all the guests invited usually are her family, relatives, close friends, and well-wishers. They definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on the precious prewedding time with the bride; therefore, they will try their best to make it there. That explains the high percentage above.

To have a better idea of how the rule works on a bridal shower, let’s take a look at the table below:

Number of invitations sentNumber of programs to order

Wedding Ceremony

Things aren’t exactly the same when it comes to D-Day . On that day, the circle of people invited will be bigger when compared to the bridal shower. In other words, more people will be likely not to show up at the ceremony. Hence the percentage is 80% of the number of invitations sent.

Wedding Ceremony at Church
Wedding Ceremony at Church

Let’s refer to some examples to get the hang of this formula:

Number of invitations sentNumber of programs to order

What Do We Need To Notice Before Printing The Wedding Programs?

Consider Your Budget

The money to order a good number of programs is not small, so you need to prepare a suitable budget beforehand. If you don’t want to spend that much money, you can buy a wedding sign instead. List all the important information on the sign and place it where everyone can see it. 

If you have a large budget and decide to stick to the original plan, let’s move on to the next point!

The Information On Your Wedding Program

Before printing them, you need to go through all the necessary information. Normally, there will be the date, location and starting time, the bride and groom’s name, participants, and details of the ceremony. 

How Long Does It Take To Print Wedding Programs?

Printing time is also a factor you need to take into account because it can affect your big day. You’ll have to answer these questions: How many wedding programs to print? How do you want them to be done?  


Different types of programs will take different amounts of time. If you want yours to be hand-crafted with beautiful calligraphy on it, the printing time will be a bit long.


So, we have revealed our secret formula to solve the question: How many programs to order for wedding?. Is this article of any help to you? We hope you figure out the ideal number to order for your day and happy marriage!