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Peak Wedding Season In Florida – Best Time For Wedding

Planning to hold your wedding in Florida and wondering about the peak wedding season in Florida? If yes, this blog is for you! Click on our blog for details!

Florida is indeed one of the best places to hold your dream marriage ceremony. Still, there are other key decisions for the big day that may confuse you, and one of them is timing. 

Florida Beach Wedding
Florida Beach Wedding

What is the peak wedding season in Florida, then?

In fact, it is either summer or fall. June, September, and October are the most favorite months when it comes to celebrating marriage. Couples often choose to get married in this peak season. Scroll down for more information and decide which month will best suit you!

When Is Wedding Season In Florida?

What Is The Best Month For A Wedding Season In Florida?


Most marriage parties are usually held from late spring to fall during the year. In particular, June, September, and October is the peak wedding season in Florida.

June is the most famous month for couples, as the weather during this period is nice, sunny and warm enough. This month’s temperature is not extreme, and the rain appears less. It would be best to consider having an indoor or outdoor ceremony depending on the weather.

Besides that, many people don’t have to go to school or work in the summer. They would have plenty of free time to come and witness this important event of your life.

Furthermore, flowers in the summer are vibrant and colorful. You will have more options for decorating your party. Summer will give you all the sunshine, flowers, and delicious seasonal fruits – Which is ideal for people who love a tropical theme party by the beach.

Since it’s the most popular month for weddings, many wedding planners offer promotions in June. These promos can save you a lot of money.

Fall months like September and October are also popular, as the weather in these months is quite pleasing. The rainy season has passed, the temperature is cool but not too cold or snowy. Additionally, Autumn leaves, and a beautiful sunset will be the spice for your outdoor party!

For other months, the weather is not quite favorable. For example, from December to February, it will be very cold and snowy. In contrast, it is hot and rainy from July to the end of August.

Best Time To Get Married During Peak Season For Wedding In Florida


In general, Saturday will be the day most couples choose for the celebration. Guests will have both travel time and time to recover from their drunkenness on Sunday.

For the same reason, wedding venues or related services are often full on Saturdays. Therefore, it can take several months to a year to book your ceremony in your dream place during peak season.

Forget about Saturday, Friday and Sunday deserve more attention. If your guests don’t need lots of time to travel, Friday would be a good choice. Most wedding halls will be cheaper when booked on a Friday. 

Sunday is for those who want to have a daytime ceremony, as most people have free time on this day. You will also have more time to get ready for the celebration if you are too busy on a weekday.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the holidays. For example, hosting a ceremony on Halloween may sound fun, but the cost will rise quite a lot.

Should We Get Married During The Peak Wedding Season In Florida?


There are advantages and disadvantages to getting married in peak season in Florida.

Advantages & Disadvantages During Peak Seasons


  • Good weather and temperature
  • Convenient for guests
  • Beautiful scenery for outdoor activities


  • Higher cost of venues and services
  • Fewer discounts
  • Full-booking wedding halls

Advantages & Disadvantages During Off-Peak Seasons


  • Affordable venues and services
  • Plenty of discounts for couples
  • Easy to book the wedding halls you want


  • Unpleasant weather and temperature
  • Unfavorable time for guests
  • Too hot or cold for outdoors

Overall, it would be best to make a thoughtful choice based on you and your guest preference because both off and on periods have advantages & disadvantages. 

In particular, the off-peak period is the best for cost-saving. Based on our experience, the cheapest month to get married in Florida is in winter.

In January and February, it is still cold and snowy. Few people plan to get married in these months, so you will have the biggest advantage in cost and booking venue.

Make sure to invite your guests soon, so they can make time to attend. Hotel costs are also quite cheap. You can suggest your guests stay a few days after or before the ceremony.

Otherwise, choose to get married in peak season so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. In June, September, and October, the weather and the temperature are enjoyable – There is almost no rain at all!

You can choose to decorate your nuptials with various concepts or themes without worrying about the weather. Plan and book the venue as soon as possible to claim your slot. The cost in this season may rise a lot; you should consult some experienced friends to avoid over-budgeting.

2 Best Ideas For Wedding Season In Florida

There are many event venues in Florida, various in concept, capacity, and location. Couples can celebrate indoors or outdoors, depending on their preferences. The most popular settings here are farmhouses, barns, and beaches.


  • Lady Jean Ranch

Lady Jean Ranch is located in Jupiter Farms, Florida. Their vintage site can accommodate up to 300 guests.

You can have an indoor party at The Covered Garden Pavilion. This farmhouse-style venue is super elegant and aesthetic. If you love farms and barns, Lady Jean Ranch may be the right one for you.

  • The Old Grove

The Old Grove is a classy rustic venue in Florida, with a peaceful and warm atmosphere. You can hold a party with up to 150 guests here, in the hall space and the garden. The charming rustic look of The Old Grove will bring a romantic vibe to your big day.

  • Simpson Lakes

Simpson Lakes has two large lakes right next to the hall area. It is a new venue with a modern minimalist style. The interior and exterior design of Simpson Lakes is quite simple, so couples can decorate the hall as they want. Each hall can have up to 300 guests.


  • Beach: Panama City Beach, Sanibel Island, Clear Water Beach

Panama City has a beautiful sea, with creamy white sand and blue water. This is a favorite place for lots of couples to hold their ceremony, as you can organize a perfect beachfront ceremony here.

In detail, they provide a full range of professional services, from planning to decorating. Panama City Beach itself is a beautiful landscape, especially gorgeous at sunset. That’s why you don’t need too much fancy decoration!

  • Farm: Bear Tree Barn Wedding & Event Center

If you like a farm-style space, Bear Tree Barn Wedding & Event Center is worth considering.

Surrounding the outdoor area is a ranch of oak trees, like a scene from a fairy tale. Many couples love to do a photoshoot here. A special feature of Bear Tree Barn is the outhouses – old-fashioned outdoor toilets. Don’t worry; they are completely clean and usable.


The peak season for weddings in Florida is in summer and fall. The weather and scenery in these months are the best for getting married. If you want to save money, you should choose the off-peak season. January and February are the two months with the lowest costs, but the weather is not so ideal!

Most couples usually choose Saturday to celebrate their marriage. However, Friday and Sunday are also great alternatives for your big day. There are more empty venues, as well as fewer traffic jams these days. The best time is the one that suits your purpose. You’ve chosen a suitable venue, take some time for a wedding rehearsal that will make your big day even more amazing.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to choose a good venue. There are many venues in Florida with different styles. Indoor and outdoor ceremonies are available for most wedding sites in Florida. Make sure you check the weather before booking any outdoor activities.

After all this information, we hope you and your partner can find the best time for your wedding in Florida!