Taino Wedding Ceremony

Taino Wedding Tradition – Interesting Facts!

Don’t you wonder what it’s like to have your big day in Taino wedding traditions? Let’s check out this awe-inspiring convention to broaden your horizons!

A huge day honored under a form of Taino wedding traditions (or Puerto Rican wedding traditions) seems unusual yet equally appealing sounding, doesn’t it? 

By celebrating the beginning of a new marriage in such a way, not only do people treasure the most one-of-a-kind moment in their whole life, but they are also preserving the treasured customs from the old days.

However, this kind of organization is still unfamiliar to several who have not had a chance to behold it with their own eyes. If you are one of them, then let’s stick around to discover more about the Taino traditional wedding! 

Taino wedding dancing

The Process Of Organizing The Taino Wedding Traditions 

You must be pondering: What distinguishes Taino wedding customs and traditions from others? 

Well, the most characteristic features are probably capias and bride dolls. But it would be a mistake if you assume an over here because there are also many other interesting parts that you will only find out once you dive in!

Of course, not all weddings celebrated that way are the same. Still, it is quite plausible that they have at least one of the customs or traditions mentioned in the below general ritual ceremony!

In fact, the Taino wedding ceremony in particular regions will have different ways of organizing. Many adhere to the region’s ancient traditions with elaborate rites. Others keep only some of the traits and variants in a more minimalist manner.

Numerous Taino nuptials, for example, demand the bride to wear a Taino woman tattoo (or Cuban Taino tattoo), Monglid, or Taino piercings to demonstrate a Taino nose.

Taino weddings in Puerto Rican fall into the latter kind. It is not much different from the usual ceremony and also the ceremony that we are going to talk about today!

First of all, it is a vastly regular practice of this wedding for the priest to not only preside over and declare the marriage but also to bless the partnership with a plate of coins. 

After receiving this keepsake from the priest and fulfilling the wedding vows, the groom will deliver it to his new bride as a momentous present. The meaning behind this series of rituals is to bring a symbol of prosperity and good luck to the newlyweds. 

Taino wedding at beach

What Do You Wear To A Wedding In Taino Wedding Traditions?

Since there is less focus on convention, this will be an event where you can dress up whatever you want as long as it’s formal and matches the theme.

Typically, at Taino-style accented parties like these, perhaps you’ll wish to dress more ethnically and suitably for the outside conditions.

Here is a bit of bonus detail on the sides: At the reception, to send the thanks to the guests, the bride and groom will clip off capias (also known as flower pins) tied to the ribbons hanging from the bride’s bouquet to pin to their clothes.

What a fantastic opportunity for the ceremony attendees to engage with the couple, isn’t it?

Taino wedding traditional

What Are Food And Drink In Taino Wedding Traditions Like?

A Taino wedding reception would be incomplete without Puerto Rican cuisine. If you do not provide this type of food at your wedding as a Puerto Rican resident, there is a chance that you will be branded as a traitor.

Now moving to the dishes, for the wealthy, they would prepare a lavish feast of Lechón On La Varata, literally grilled pork in other words.

After that, signature party-style desserts such as fresh fruit, “Quenapas”, a cross between kiwi, peach, and lemon, and more also come up. 

Moreover, guava or sweet guava paste on elegant crackers as a side dish before displaying the first meal, or to serve with dessert or wedding cake. 

So what about the bridal cake? Perhaps you’re curious: Cakes with traditional tastes like coconut, rum, or pineapple are extremely popular here. 

To name a few, “dulce de leche,” made from sweetened milk with caramel, and “tres leches,” created from milk and sweet cream, are the two most distinctive treats you should not miss out on when attending this pleasure.

Then when it comes to the beverages, which are as tropical as the cuisine, we will enjoy the flavor of rum or vodka, pineapple martini served in a coconut cup because elegant glasses are uncommon here.

There is also the tradition of mulberry trees, and the groom can sip conventional coffee (espresso) from a coconut cup.

A typical Brindis can also be incorporated with a toothpick of oranges, cherries, pineapples, and grapes and a flavored coffee liqueur or a sweet fruity cognac-like Grand Marnier.

Traditional puerto Rican Dishes

The First Dance And Songs

Throughout the party, Taino songs, or especially Puerto Rican music with extremely low volume, will sound even, gently, and rhythmically. The music creates a romantic vibe for the guests to enjoy even just on their own.

Under that atmosphere, the bride and groom can pick from a Guaracha dance or a typical waltz there, such as the Danza Criolla. And here they are! What could be more exciting than a lovely song to remember and convey the love for a couple to wind up a little dancing? 

Puerto ricans dancing

Where Is The Wedding Ceremony Taking Place?

For a Taino nuptial rite, the place where this fun often takes place is the bride’s parents’ yard or open-air outdoor spaces like the beach or a park. “What if you need to organize it in a little space?” You may ask.

Whether it’s your wedding, then, needless to say, you’re the only one who can make anything happen. Yet, since this is a custom established in the Tainon’s long-standing lack of ballroom rentals, it can somehow miss a few sense of the mood if you do so.

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So it is indeed not an overhype when it comes to the appeal of such an ethnic nuptial rite. Hopefully, you have acknowledged how Taino wedding traditions go on properly by now. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment. It would be a great honor for us to know whether you find this post informative. Plus, don’t forget to look forward to more of our useful cultural releases in the future. See you later!

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