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Wedding Bands That Break Under Pressure – Better Alternatives

If you are still in two minds when choosing wedding bands that break under pressure, this article is for you. Here are their pros, cons, and alternatives.

Wedding bands have always been an integral part of your big day, representing the beautiful love between the bride and the groom.

Wedding rings
Wedding rings

Since the amount of money spent on a wedding ring is not anywhere near small, everyone should carefully consider their preferences and needs when buying one. Some people prefer their ring to be nearly indestructible, while some opt for wedding bands that break under pressure.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the latter: what wedding bands that shatter under pressure are and other substitutes for you.

Men’s Wedding Bands That Break Under Pressure

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten wedding bands, or tungsten carbide rings, are made from tungsten and nickel or cobalt.

Tungsten is one of the hardest metals on earth, with a rating of 8.5-9.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means a ring made from tungsten will be scratch-resistant. It’s not like the hardness will get less over time; therefore, maybe you won’t have to polish it even for once.


The amount of nickel or cobalt in the ring makes it brittle. In other words, tungsten rings are not indestructible. It will break under adequate force, saving your finger from any damage possible.

Another advantage of tungsten rings is that their price is more affordable when compared to other ones. So, you don’t have to worry too much about getting a new one if yours breaks.

Ceramic Wedding Bands

These items are among the most popular men’s wedding bands that will break under pressure.

Like the previous ones, ceramic wedding bands are also extremely hard and difficult to get scratched, so maintaining them is not a problem. Ceramic rings are slightly lighter than tungsten rings, making them comfortable to wear and harder to break when dropped.

This type of ring is surging in demand nowadays because it retains colors very well and is available in various styles. It is also known to be hypoallergenic, made 100% from ceramic, so it won’t cause any harm to your sensitive skin. If you are allergic to nickel or cobalt, then a ceramic one is a perfect option for you.

Who Should Be Aware To Wear These Types Of Wedding Bands?

Simply put, they will break if a certain pressure level is forced on them. Do you find it strange that people want their symbol of love to break? Wouldn’t a durable ring be a better choice? Well, they have their reasons.

For people who are blacksmiths, motorcyclists, or those who have construction-type jobs, an unbreakable ring is a potential hazard. When the ring gets caught in a fast-moving object, it will strip away the soft tissues, or even the muscles, the bone of their finger.

You can simply take the ring off, but that means you may lose it after tossing it somewhere. In that case, a ring that breaks and leaves your finger free will minimize injuries.

So far, so good. Yet the band is the figure of your eternal love. Who wants to break it? No worries. We’ve got you covered with some superior alternatives!

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Better Alternatives For Men’s Wedding Bands

Silicone Wedding Bands

Silicone rings have a feature that others do not have, which is stretchy. The ring will fit perfectly around your finger when you put it on. You can completely immerse yourself in whatever recreational activities you are engaged in without having to worry about the ring slipping off.

Silicon Wedding Bands
Silicone Wedding Bands

Even better, this material is non-conductive, ensuring a safer working condition for welders, electricians, and mechanics. Silicone bands will break when stretched to a certain extent. This means you are less likely to get hurt if they get caught on something.

Affordable, stylish, and safe, a variety of silicone rings for men and women are now available at many jewelry stores. Check out to see whether they are to your liking!

Enso Rings

An Enso ring is also made from silicone. However, it has some special features that make it a highly sought-after item in recent years.

Enso values their customers’ personal identity. They offer you a variety of rings that are able to reflect yourselves, your lifestyle.

This ring has a versatile look that can go well with many other accessories. With just a fraction of a metal ring’s cost, you get an equally beautiful and durable one from Enso.

When buying rings at Enso, you’ll have access to an amazing exchange policy, which allows you to exchange rings free of cost until you get the right one within 30 days.

Tantalum Wedding Bands

Tantalum-the material of this type of ring is a beautiful, gray, shiny metal. More and more people are adding tantalum rings to their jewelry collections because of their attractive appearances.

A tantalum wedding band is often crafted with strong, masculine lines and curves, so it is ideal for people who are looking for something fashionable, unique.

Unlike tungsten and ceramic rings, tantalum rings are resizable. In other words, when the band no longer fits your finger, you can simply cut it instead of having to buy a new one. However, a tantalum ring’s price is higher than all the models above due to its scarcity.

Cobalt Chrome Rings

Cobalt chrome ring is another choice on the list we offer you. It has a regal, fancy, and white gold-like appearance. These items also possess all the merits mentioned above: scratch-resistant, tarnish-resistant, and durable.

A cobalt chrome ring comes in at a higher price than tungsten but lower than white gold. Therefore, if your budget doesn’t allow for a white gold ring, this model is optimum.

Platinum Rings

This type is the most expensive one among all the ones that we’ve introduced to you. Coming with a high price tag, what are the quality of a platinum ring we can expect?


Platinum is much harder than most metals. Wedding bands made of it will not tarnish or corrode over time. Also, this material has a higher purity level than silver or gold, which means the ring you buy will contain more pure platinum and fewer alloy metals. It is so scarce that only several locations on earth produce it, adding to the cost of the jewelry.


We hope that this article is helpful for you to make up your mind. Since choosing wedding bands is a big decision and the options that we’ve given you have their own pros and cons, you may want to take time considering every single one.

However, one thing is for sure: they are all wedding bands that break under pressure, saving your fingers from any potential harm.

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