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Wedding Dress Before And After Petticoat – How To Choose?

Do you wanna know what your wedding dress before and after petticoat looks like? The right petticoat can make a huge difference! Let’s see how it works the magic!

Choosing wedding dress
Choosing wedding dress

The journey to your perfect wedding day does not stop just after you have bought your dream wedding gown. The perfect fit only starts once you have put on your gown – with bras, slips, and specially-designed shapewear to enhance the curve of your body, regardless of the shape.

Do you really need a slip? What does a wedding dress before and after petticoat look like? This article includes a guide on choosing a suitable one for your wedding, guaranteeing to make you look and feel your best all the big day. Stay tuned!

When Do You Need To Use A Petticoat?

Here is the truth. You don’t always need a petticoat. Most wedding dresses, especially top-tier ones, come with a built-in undergarment.

Some even have attached slips to support your body without needing any extra petticoats. So, how can you know when you need to use this item?

The simple solution to this is to just try one on. When you are out buying a wedding dress, try the gown on with and without a crinoline to see if there will be any significant changes to how you look. If the overall look isn’t that much better, save yourself some dough on the slip.

We have to admit it, though. Most wedding gowns look so much nicer with an extra petticoat. And if you have the dress on without a slip under, consider using one.

What Can A Petticoat Help You?

Here are some situations where a bridal petticoat comes in handy.

  • When your underwear or bottom of a longline strapless bra is showing
  • When the gown you bought appears to be more pleating than how it looked in the catalog
  • When the dress looks caved in or creased in the center front part of the skirt
  • When your wedding gown hemline is supposed to lay flat, but there are folds and pleats in it
  • When you feel the gown or crinoline slip stuck in between your legs as you walk
  • When you want a full bouffant look to your ball gown and maintain the fullness

That’s pretty much everything. If you feel like applying one or two of these situations, you definitely need a bridal slip.

Should I Wear My Underskirt Under My Wedding Dress?

This question is asked a lot, and we get it. For most women, the answer is yes! Wearing an underskirt ensures the dress stays gorgeous all wedding long. It also aids in keeping the fabric layers away from when you walk, making it easier to move around comfortably and unrestrictedly.

Bridal Underskirts
Bridal Underskirts

One of the most known misconceptions about underskirts is that they are only made for women who want bigger-volume gowns, whereas slimmer dresses look just as good without them.

The truth is, an underskirt can make a hell of a difference to how you look. It’s not always about adding volume to the gown. Some models even create an illusion of the perfect body without having you wear uncomfortable underwear.

Styles Of Underskirt

One Hoop

One-hoop underskirts are those carrying a single hoop measuring between 67 and 83 inches in circumference. Typically, the hoop is located under most A-line dresses to keep the shape at the bottom.

Two Hoop (Tiered)

Unlike their one-hoop counterparts, two-hoop (also called tiered) underskirts are usually in the range of 75 and 105 inches in circumference and, as the name suggests, have two separate hoops. This kind of underskirts goes well with A-line and princess-style dresses as well as ball gowns to add a full-volume look to the dress.

Three Hoop

The number of hoops just keeps increasing, doesn’t it?! A three-hoop crinoline adds an extra line to the skirt, making it great for an A-line gown to enhance the shape. Take note that the puff is minimized, though.


Train slips refer to a petticoat that supports a long wedding dress train. Such a garment is compatible with a variety of hoops.


A fishtail is specially designed for mermaid-style dresses. They are typically found in the range of 75 to 87 inches in circumference and have netted ruffles at the ends, allowing the hem to be fully out as you walk.

Fishtail Underskirt
Fishtail Underskirt

Choosing The Right Crinoline/Hoop For Your Wedding Dress

What does a wedding dress before and after petticoat look like? Let’s have a look!

Ball Gown and Princess Silhouette

These kinds of bridal dresses are all about the volume. For that reason, a full underskirt with maybe three tiers can add the needed fluff to make the gown glow on its own! Your waist would also appear to be smaller too.

Some three-hoop underskirts are designed to carry part of the dress weight, allowing for comfort and ensuring you stay stunning all day long.

Before and After Petticoat
Before and After Petticoat

A-Line Dresses

A one-hoop petticoat with a medium length is just what you need for A-line or flare-style dresses. This kind of underskirt helps to add a beautiful waist definition, and it works with most classic A-line skirts. Let’s have a look at A line wedding dress before and after petticoat.

A Line dress without and with petticoat
A-Line dress without and with petticoat

Tea or Knee Length

Tea or knee-length dresses are known for their bouncy vintage look. A mid or short underskirt would go really well with shorter bridal dresses like tea length to help add fullness and volume.

Short underskirts
Short underskirts

How Wide Of A Bridal Petticoat You Need

To know how wide of a bridal petticoat you’re going to need, such measurements are needed:

  • The bottom of your dress
  • The front hem from one side seam to another

After you have all the needed measurements, double them up. By doing this, you can tell roughly what circumference of the slip is needed. For example, 70” x 2 = 140” circumference of the slip needed.

If your bridal gown doesn’t have a built-in crinoline, you need to go an extra mile for that desired full-volume look. Ball gowns and princess-style dresses require a mega full slip if the dress does come with an internal slip.

It’s different for gowns that already have a built-in slip, though. Since only a little extra width is needed, you ought to get a slip that is smaller in width circumference. Going exactly by the measurement will not work in this situation.

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Now you know how a wedding dress before and after petticoat looks. Choosing one for the upcoming wedding will not be that hard of a task anymore.

Of course, you can always ask for assistance from the place where you bought your gown. We are sure they know well enough to help you look absolutely gorgeous on your big day!

One important factor contributing to choosing a suitable petticoat is to know exactly your measurements. If you happen to have a measuring tape, make use of it and note down the figures. Good luck!