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What Is A Wedding Hostess – Everything You Must Know

What is a wedding hostess? What is their mission? Do you have to have a last name for the ceremony? That is also what we want to share in this article.


Bridesmaid Dress Bride Wedding Bouquet White Dress
Bridesmaid Dress Bride Wedding Bouquet White Dress

A romantic wedding is always the best ending ever for any couple. As this ceremony marks the milestone of your life, even the smallest details of it matter! You must make sure that every activity during the occasion goes smoothly as you planned, leaving a good memory in the mind of your guests. 

Are you planning to hold a big party and wondering if there are ways for you to organize it perfectly without wearing yourself out? If so, you possibly need help from a wedding hostess. 

Have you not yet heard about this term? Scroll down to get the answer to the question “what is a wedding hostess?” and other useful information related to this topic! 

What Is A Wedding Hostess? 

For a nuptial to take place successfully and leave a lot of good impressions in guests’ hearts, it is impossible without the contribution of the hostesses. So what exactly is a hostess in wedding?

Girl friends team before wedding
Girl friends team before wedding

It is an honorary title that refers to those on duty to support all the guests present in the important ceremony of the couple. This is an important team for any marriage. To be more specific, they help answer questions and give specific instructions to meet guests’ needs. A nuptial will go more smoothly as planned with the presence of professional hostesses.

Normally, these girls will have a companion as a pair, called a host. Each nuptial ceremony will have two such couples: one from the groom’s house and the other from the girl’s house. However, these traditional rules are no longer mandatory in today’s modern life.

Each party can prepare more than one host pair, depending on the size of the ceremony.

These couples may be people close to the bride and groom; or professional staff. This is not a demanding job but always requires seriousness while working. 

Hostesses usually work on a nuptial, but they can also participate as friends or family members in previous events.

What Do Hostesses Wear At The Wedding?  

As mentioned above, the hostesses are the facilitators of the marriage, but they are also the face of the two families. They are one of the factors for guests to evaluate the thoughtfulness and class of the ceremony. Therefore, their clothing is a very important matter and has many requirements that need attention. 

Hostess Team Bridesmaid
Hostess Team Bridesmaid

What do hostesses wear at the wedding? In some marriages, the two families actively choose and rent costumes for their hostesses. This helps ensure synchronization and matches the characteristics of each party. Here, simple long skirts and party dresses with harmonious colors that are not too prominent will be the first choices.

Yet, this is not too common – the wedding hostess dress is normally prepared by themselves. Of course, this is still subject to certain requirements:

  • The color tone, the material, and the style of their dress must match the nuptials theme and be approved by the bride and groom.
    This is a critical requirement that avoids the situation when each person wears a different style of outfit or overwhelms the bride. Popular colors for them include white, pastel pink, sky blue, light purple. Amongst those, pastel pink and sky blue are the most common because of the feelings of purity and lightness they bring.
  • Dress models need to favor simplicity, lightness but still grace with the criteria to highlight the bride but not too sloppy and simple.
  • The clothes need to match the appearance and fit to make the wearer uncomfortable when working all day.

What Does A Wedding Hostess Do At A Wedding? 

Hostess isn’t a new job, but what does a wedding hostess do

On your special day, they are responsible for greeting guests at the beginning and end of the ceremony. Therefore, they are always the first to arrive at the destination and the last to leave. If the event takes place in multiple locations, they will help the organizers clean up the scene and transport something there if needed.

bridesmaids hostess support
bridesmaids hostess support

With the responsibility of bringing the most satisfaction to the guests, these girls must have a polite and professional attitude when on their duty. If a customer needs help with finding a seat, a gift area, a restroom, ordering food, etc., they are the ones to assist them. 

In addition to supporting the guests at the party, they also have to regularly keep an eye on the door to make sure no guests get in trouble when they arrive. Some people can go in and out many times, so they need to understand the general characteristics of each person to have the most suitable instructions.

In some cases, they also take on the role of program organizer. These ladies can enhance the atmosphere at the party by starting exchanges, games, etc.

They can do more than that and have to take on many different tasks. Below is a quick summary of wedding hostess duties:

  • Welcoming guests to the ceremony
  • Control the pick-up process and waiting list
  • Arrange to seat for guests
  • Introduce guests to necessary areas such as dining, bar, WC, etc.
  • Provide food with service staff, as well as special requests when dining guests (for children or the elderly)
  • Organize side programs
  • Observe the overall location to detect when someone needs help promptly
  • Guide guests to leave in order
  • Control the hygiene problem around the stage area
  • Receive incoming calls and assist guests with inquiries

Tips To Choose A Suitable Wedding Hostess 

There are many options when choosing a hostess at the nuptial. It could be the bride & groom’s friends or employees from an event organization company. However, make sure the person has the required skills to take on this important job on your big day:

  • Preference will be given to those who have experience with this work.
  • Have a good understanding of the rules, rituals in the ceremony.
  • Have a good understanding of safety rules.
  • Experience in crowd management, reservation, catering.
  • Good communication skills, gentle attitude when talking directly or indirectly over the phone.
  • Organizational skills are a big plus.
  • Have a sense of responsibility, dynamism, agile behavior, and initiative on time.
  • Need to be in good shape to be ready to work all-day
  • In addition, it will be a big plus if you find people with a slightly good-looking appearance.


Above is the most useful information to answer the question “what is a wedding hostess?“.

In order for the wedding to go well with everyone’s blessings, it takes the cooperation of many departments such as the band, the wedding clean-up crew and in which not to mention these girls.

If you plan to hold a ceremony with your love, keep our suggestions above in mind. We hope the reader can have a good bridal with the support of them!

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